Post on the InterVarsity blog and some news...

I said I wouldn't write on this often--only when there's a bit of writing news--and, so far, that's indeed been the case. So... long time, no update. Hey, I forgot to mention that I had a post on All Saint's Day over on the InterVarsity blog. My employer asking me to write an intro to All Saints is a bit like being paid to eat chocolate cake with a good, steaming latte. So, that was fun. You can see it here.

Also, I'm excited to share that a post I wrote called Courage in the Ordinary is quoted at length in Michael Horton's new book, Ordinary.  Prof. Horton was kind enough to send me a copy of his book and I really recommend it. It's a solid, clear, and grounded reminder of the call to ordinary discipleship that is much needed in today's evangelical conversation.  I'm honored to be in the book and encourage you to pick it up. Mine is thoroughly underlined and dog-eared.

You can also hear a conversation that I had with Michael Horton on The White Horse Inn here.