Update on The Wrong Kind of Christian in Christianity Today

Hi all! The response to my article, The Wrong Kind of Christian, which is now on CT's main page without a paywall (read it here) has been much, much bigger than I anticipated. I am very grateful for the huge number of people who have read and shared the piece and also for those who've contacted me about it. However, because of the large amount of messages I've received about the piece, I am very behind in responding to them. Please know that if you have sent me a message or left me a comment and I have not yet responded, I am not ignoring you (at least not intentionally). This is a busy time of year for us--even without an essay going viral--school is starting and campus ministry is ramping up, so I hope to respond to your messages and comments, but it may take a few weeks. I'll also be slow in posting comments on my personal page. This site itself is new and, thus far, I use it more to update people when I publish a new piece and not as a blog, so I do not maintain it daily.  I'm sorry that I cannot respond more promptly. I really appreciate your interest in the piece! I'd invite you see my last post with a few (of many) things to do in response. Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment but I ask for patience as you wait for a response.
Peace to you, Tish