The past couple months

Hey friends,
A lot of writing has happened in the past couple months but also a lot of life so this page hasn't been updated. I'm working on a longer project so hopefully, I can tell you more about that soonish, but, in the short-term (and the short essay) realm, I had a piece come out in Her.meneutics about the politics of advent. Here it is. Isn't the church calendar helpful and challenging? (Note: In this piece, I also make fun of liturgical calendar addicts like me).

I also had a piece come out on the Christ and Pop Culture blog. This is the first I've written for them, but I've wanted to for months because the quality of thinking and writing over there has impressed me. Did you see Alan Noble's piece on Ferguson and Race? It is powerful.
Anyway, I wrote about the French terrorists, sin, me, and total depravity. Or, if you hate the term total depravity (which you really need not), I wrote about terrorism and the will-turned-in-on-itself. Anyway, I wrote this. Check it out. And I'm grateful to get to be part of the Christ and Pop Culture blog.
Okay, I'll try to keep ya more updated.
And Happy Epiphany to you.