A few more pieces in the past couple months

It is raining like crazy here. Flooding is everywhere in Central Texas, including the family home I love most in the world (not my own house, mind you). I am taking this moment where we're all shut in with batten down hatches to update my (long overdue to be updated) site. In the past few months, I've been busy with a longer project that I'll tell you about someday soon.

But in the meantime, I've also written a piece wrestling with race---specifically about how, as a white woman, it is hard to know how to enter the conversation well, when to speak and when to remain silent. This is a hard subject for me to write about and this piece actually began months ago during the Ferguson protests. I ended up just sitting on it and not publishing it for a while, but 4 friends of mine who are all people of color encouraged me to publish it, so after the Baltimore riots, I returned to this piece and began working on it again. Check out the results here.  I could not have written this (and would not have written this) without help from a number of editors, especially friends who are African-Americans who gave encouragement along the way. I am very grateful for them and their generosity to me. 

Then, I wrote a piece for her.meneutics on maternal imagery for the church, which was a piece for and about Pentecost and a bit of a conflicted love letter to the church. Read it here. 

I should go because the rain storm is raging, and I'd hate to miss the opportunity to stare at it. But I can't sign off without acknowledging that while I write here, many in my community have lost their homes and have had severe property damage. Some of these are people who I know and love. Please consider donating to Central Texas Flood Relief. You can do so, right here