While I Was Out--a bunch of stuff you may have missed

It's s snow-covered day here. Being from central Texas, this still always feels like a miracle, even as the Pittsburghers go about their day as any other. All I want to do is watch the snow fall and drink hot tea. But, alas, the city has not gotten the memo that snow is some kind of otherworldly eucatastrophe, so I am pulled along in its busy wake. 

Since I didn't update this site for many months, there was quite a bit of work that never made it here. I have updated the essays and interviews site with some (not all) of the works of the past many months, but wanted to mention here a bit of what I failed to post. 

First, the book. End-of-the-year lists are coming out these days and though my book was technically a 2016 release, it released so late in the year (December of 2016) that many count it as a 2017 book. I am very grateful and honored for LoTO to be included on Missio Alliance's Top 15 Essential Reads of 2017. And In All Things 2017 Top Book List. I am also so honored that it won an IVP Reader's Choice Award. (Also, IVP is offering discounts on all winning books so check that out.) If you haven't bought the book yet, please do. If you have, it makes a great Christmas gift. Give it to a friend with a loaf of bread or homemade jam. And there shall be much rejoicing and revelry and frolicking and ballyhoo. 

On this year anniversary of the book release, I want to thank all those who have read, shared, reviewed, and supported the book. I am very grateful to you. 

In March, I got to review The Perils of "Privilege" for CT Magazine (my review is called Check Your Privilege Obsession). I had not heard of this book until CT asked me to review it, and I was wary that it might be a kind of anti-privilege (over) reaction. But it was a really important take on a conversation that we really must (but often aren't) having. It adds important complexity to the ways we use and misuse this evolving, and increasingly weaponized, term. Check out my review and the book.  As a side note, I was stopped by more strangers when reading this book than any other I've ever read. People on airplanes, at coffeeshops, at the park would lean over to me and say, "Hey, excuse me, what are you reading?  What is it about?". They glimpsed the title and were intrigued. Suffice it to say, this is a topic people are hungry to talk (and read) about. 

I was also grateful to get to write this little piece on home (with a cameo by Lyle Lovett) for Jen Pollock Michel's site. Check it out and her new book Keeping Place.  In April, I published a piece at The Well called An Open Letter to Men Who Broke the Billy Graham Rule, as a way of thanking men who have invested in me. And in October I wrote a piece for IVP and the Apprentice Gathering (which I spoke at in October) called Imagining Orthodoxy. In it, I explore the relationship between beauty and truth. I really like this piece, even though I think about seven people read it, mostly my ever-loyal friends. In general, I'm interested in the relationship between orthodoxy and the imagination, in doctrine and desire. So if you missed it, check it out. 

Lastly, I get asked often why I am for women's ordination. It's a completely valid question, but also requires quite a lot of explanation and exegesis...and is a rather long story. I wanted to get the basic ideas in one place and accessible to people without having to write a book. So my friend Shane Blackshear was kind enough to host my husband and I on his podcast Seminary Dropout so we could tell our story and present some of our argument. Find it here: A Biblical, Historical, and Pastoral Defense of Women In Ministry

(Also, my husband and I --stupidly-- did this together in the same room, as opposed to both on skype with headphones, so the sound was a bit off. I'm sorry for that. You still mostly get it all; it's just choppy).